Roslin/Janeway wedding day

user are holding a Hot 100 of older women

So after the depressing results of the After Ellen Hot 100 and their significant lack of lovely older ladies, the mods of MrsRobinsonLove have decided to compile our own list. If you'd like to put in your votes, head on over now!

With all the beauty of the women of CSI, there are a couple of Mrs Robinsons in there, so if you fancy voting for Marg, Jorja, Louise, Melinda, Emily or any of the older women within the series, please come and join us.

The more people we get, the more fun it will be!

Pretty please?

Mods please delete if not allowed
Roslin/Janeway wedding day

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Challenge icons:

20 x Kate Mulgrew/Kathryn Janeway
6 x CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York
10 x SG-1 - Sam and Daniel & Sam
12 Marg Helgenberger/Catherine Willows

Non-challenge icons:

10 x BSG
7 x Pauley Perrette/Abby Sciuto icons
5 x CSI Ladies

Teasers x 3

The rest are here

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Roslin/Janeway wedding day

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Right a real mix of icons here. The first two batches were Christmas presents, and I know both people who they were made for do not mind me sharing. Some animated, mainly stills.

The first is a CSI batch, which bar one icon is completely Cath/Warrick centric

The second is a Stargate batch, focusing on Sam, Vala and Janet and the slashy goodness between them

Then we move on to the challenge icons I have not yet posted... these are all CSI challenges and mainly Cath related.

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Roslin/Janeway wedding day

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Fandom: CSI/CSI Miami
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wendy/Calleigh
Title: Dreaming is so much fun
Summary: Calleigh is dreaming of Her Mistress
Word Count: 1040
Spoilers: None
Warnings: If you don't like BDSM relationships this is not for you
A/N: I don't own these wonderful characters. Although they're fighting with the SG-1 ladies to work out who has the right to own me.

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