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This is a community dedicated to the fine men and women of CSI and the fangirls who love them. Any news, gossip or worship is welcome here, as is slash, fan fiction or graphics. All we ask is that there be NO flamewars and that spoilers to episodes be under a lj-cut.

Your moderator today will be otakugrrl69

Now, let the shameless worship begin!

There is no use in dying
When still I seem to be undone
There is no use in trying to find again
The love of someone
Where have I gone and come so far
Well, I've been headed nowhere
I have been walking quite a while along
Feeling lonesome
Don't you worry,
they won't find my body
I want you to know
I found peace in another world
Don't keep digging,
I want you to leave back
away from the place
where my ashes are buried
I still can hear you breathing
As if you'd never gone away
I still can feel your touch,
your tenderness
As if you were still there
There is no sense in crying
Only liquid running from my eyes
And all the feelings I restrain
are the Remainders that survived

Beborn Beton
"Another World"